2010 Guild Challenge

The 2010 Choo Choo Quilters Guild Challenge definitely starts with a blank canvas—or fabric—and let's you take it in any direction you want to go. Here are the guidelines:

  • Each and every fabric used on the front of the quilt must have started out as a solid color. You can do anything to the fabric after it meets this basic requirement, including, but not limited to: dyeing, painting, sun printing, screen printing, paintstik applications, coloring with crayons, printing from a computer printer, running over it with a truck...
  • The backing fabric can be a print fabric.
  • Techniques: the quilt can be wholecloth, appliqued, pieced, fused, paper pieced or any combination of construction techniques.
  • Embellishments can be added to the top of the quilt, if you choose. 
  • Quilts can be hand or machine quilted—or both.
  • The quilt must have a binding of some sort.
  • Size: each side must measure a minimum of 16" up to a maximum of 45". The quilt can be any shape as long as each side measures 16" to 45".
Challenge entries are due on November 15,  2010 at the November guild meeting.