2014 Paint Chip Challenge

Stretch your quilting skills with the 2014 Choo Choo Quilters Guild Challenge.

Here are the 2014 Challenge rules:
  • Using the 3 initials of your name, pick out paint chips whose color name begins with one of those letters. For example, if you are Lady Mary Crawley, you could use Laudable Lime, Majolica Green and Copen Blue.
  • You can use 1 or 2 additional colors, although at least 75% of your Challenge quilt must be in the 3 paint chip colors.
  • Use at least 1 handwork technique on the quilt—hand quilting, hand piecing, hand embroidery, beading by hand—or any additional hand stitching technique.
  • The size of your finished Challenge quilt should be at least 30 inches and no more than 45 inches on each side.
  • Your three paint chips must accompany your entry.
The Challenge Quilts will be due at the November guild meeting. As always, your Challenge quilt must be quilted (by hand and/or machine), have a binding or have the edges finished in some manner, and have a label attached to the back.

So, take a trip to your favorite paint or home improvement store and start playing with color!

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