2020 Challenge

As the year 2020 leads us into a brand new decade, take inspiration from this double double-digit year for the annual Choo Choo Quilters Guild Challenge.
Challenge requirements:
  • Find a phrase, quote, book title, song lyric, idiom, nursery rhyme, etc. with "Twenty" or "20" in it, and use it as the inspiration for your entry.
  • Entries must be quilted, with finished edges. A label must be attached.
  • Entries are due at the beginning of the November 16 guild meeting.

This Challenge has no fabric, color, size or embellishment restrictions. Your entry can be a quilt, wall hanging, table or bed runner, pillow, wearable, etc. Try something new and different! Push yourself outside your normal quilting boundaries... be clever... be bold... get creative... experiment... have fun.

It's a new decade! 

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