Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Quilting Program Triple Play

Cristy (left) and Rhonda demonstrate the 10-minute block.
The March program of the Choo Choo Quilters delighted meeting attendees with 3 quick and easy Make-It-Take-It projects.

Demonstrations were presented on Suzanne McNeill's 3-seam 10-Minute Block, a Sausage Pillowcase, and Vivian Ann Wright's (Mammaw's Thimble Quilt Shop) Potato Chip Block.

10-Minute Block
The assembly of this block consists of only 3 seams and a dimensional center diamond. Several options for block size, color placement and embellishment were given during the demonstration. Suzanne McNeill has written two books, 10-Minute Blocks, and 10-Minute Blocks 2, that offer instructions and several quilt patterns using the technique.

Members donated twelve 10-minute quilt blocks made during the demonstration to the guild's community service Cuddle Quilt project.
Left: 4 blocks were completed in about 11 minutes during the demonstration.
Sausage Pillowcase
This clever assembly combines three coordinating fabrics to produce standard size pillowcase. With guidance from one of the program presenters who prepared pre-cut fabrics, attendees had the opportunity to create a pillowcase in about 15 minutes.

The pillowcase cuff, an accent trim and the body of the pillowcase are rolled up like a sausage (hence, the name) and with some easy sewing, the "sausage" is turned right side out to produce the pillowcase. Using a French seam eliminates the raw edges. It's like magic!

These pillowcases can be used for kids projects, gifts, cases for Quilts of Valor quilts, or other charity projects. Watch a video of the process here.
Rolling the fabrics into the sausage and pinning.
After sewing a seam, the sausage is turned right side out.
Potato Chip Block
Just like eating potato chips, once you make one of these blocks, you can't stop. In fact, the fabric cutting for these blocks is streamlined by stacking and cutting layers of two coordinating fabrics. Assembly line piecing makes for quick sewing and assembly. In no time—just like the bag of potato chips—your quilt top is finished. 
Potato Chip Block—you can't make just one!
Show and Tell

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