Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hexie-mania abounds at the March meeting

Veronica's vintage
Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
What does St. Patrick's Day and geometry have in common? Nothing really, except that the Choo Choo Quilters had an informative and inspirational program on "Quilting with Hexagons" at the March guild meeting—which happened to fall on St. Patrick's Day.

From the mosaic and honeycomb quilts of 1700s and 1800s, the all-time American favorite Grandmother's Flower Garden, to the 21st century hexie quilts, there was a profusion of geometric mania and hexagon inspiration during this month's program as well as the evening's Show and Tell.

The meeting was kicked off with a digital slide presentation that offered an overview of hexagon geometry, a plethora of examples of hexagon quilts spanning four centuries, and a bit of "hexie inspiration"—accompanied by Veronica's original hexagon poem. Guild members and guests brought vintage hexagon quilts, antique family heirlooms, works-in-progress and a variety of examples of how this humble 6-sided polygon can be arranged to create numerous patterns, motifs and layouts. The evening concluded with a hands-on demonstration of English paper piecing with hexagons.

Vista shared the story of this family heirloom that was made by
her husband's great-grandmother.
Hexagons were shown in pieced and appliquéd quilts.
This quilt top features a new fabric collection.
The hexagon clusters were hand pieced and hand appliquéd.
A planned color placement creates hearts, flowers, and spirals.
Linda's table topper has hexagon hearts and flowers.
Linda's beautiful use of multi-colored hexagons.
The black background hexagons set off the variety of colors
and prints in Kim's patchwork.
There was even a "faux hexagon" tote bag made from a printed hexagon fabric...

…and a crocheted afghan made of hexagons. 
Veronica's great aunt was a prolific crocheter.
This wool afghan was made in the 1960s and has a picot edging.
Hexies are the perfect portable project! No batteries or electrical outlets required.
Linda showed her Hexie Travel Suitcase for on-the-go hexagon patchwork.
Everything you need for Hexie English paper piecing!
Show and Tell 
In addition to hexie quilts, Choo Choo guild members showed off their latest projects and other fabulous finishes.

We saw two quilt tops from the kaleidoscope program.

Congratulations to Vista who had her entry from a Mini Prayer Flag challenge published in the current issue of Quilting Arts magazine!
Vista shows her project that was published in Quilting Arts magazine.
Sherry's paint stick project from a recent class.
Oh, the refreshments at the meeting sported a "green" St. Patrick's Day theme with green tea, a chocolate mint cheesecake dessert, a party tray of green vegetables and dip, and green St. Patrick's Day tableware accoutrements.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get your Hex on!

fabric hexagons
Are you ready to be hexed by Hexagons? 

At the March 17 meeting of the Choo Choo Quilters, we'll continue the year with a program on another technique done by hand—English Paper Piecing with hexagons. The program will be presented by Veronica Hofman-Ortega and Team Sherry.

If you'd like to participate in the hands-on portion of the program, bring the following supplies to the meeting:
  • hand sewing needle (milliners or sharp are good choices)
  • 100% cotton sewing thread in a neutral color (50wt. or thinner)
  • thread conditioner (like Thread Heaven) if you have it
  • small, sharp sewing or embroidery scissors
  • thimble (optional)
  • straight pins
  • at least 7 small pieces of 100% quilters cotton fabric* (approximately 3" x 3" square). At least one of the fabrics should be a contrasting color.
* For this technique, it is helpful to starch your fabrics with sizing, Best Press, or similar product, especially if your fabrics have been pre-washed.

If you have a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt, or a quilt that incorporates hexagons in the patchwork, please bring it for Show and Tell. We'll be showing off our "hexie" selves at the meeting.