Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great Cuddle Quilt Quest: a raving success

42... 59... 69... 73!
The final count for the Choo Choo Quilters' Great Cuddle Quilt Quest is 73 quilts—a huge and generous accomplishment over the initial, previously-set total of 50 quilts! This number includes 10 bed size quilts, of which 9 were delivered to the Children's Home/Chambliss Shelter in December.
In April 2010, guild members Deb Horn and Veronica Hofman-Ortega conceived the idea of the Great Cuddle Quilt Quest and began the program in May with the distribution of a monthly 12" block pattern for members to follow to make cuddle quilt blocks. The Choo Choo Quilters, a guild of about 20 members, raided their fabric stashes and pitched in to make blocks according to specified color schemes. The color-coordinated blocks were then gathered and bundled together for members to create the quilt tops and ultimately, finished quilts.

In September, several guild members attended a weekend Cuddle Quilt Workshop to assemble, baste and quilt pre-cut quilt kits. The Quest continued through December of 2010 with the resulting tabulation of 73 completed quilts at the January 2011 guild meeting. The quilts are donated to the Chambliss Shelter and will be delivered soon.

Well done, Choo Choo Team! That's a lotta quilts!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Inspirational Quilting" program begins in January

Fearless Design for Every Quilter: Traditional & Contemporary 10 Lessons Creativity & CritiqueMost of us call ourselves "quilters," a title that conveys humbleness and modesty. We make careful selections and sometimes struggle with confidence about color, balance or design—yet we choke on taking credit for accomplishing something "artistic" when the work is completed. We often forget that through our quilted creations, we do tap into the “artist” within ourselves—either consciously or subconsciously.

The Choo Choo Quilt Guild is launching a program in 2011 to change some of this. The yearlong program is called, "Inspirational Quilting," and the goal for the monthly exercises planned is to learn to appreciate the marriage of the art and the heart that is enveloped into even the simplest of our projects. For centuries, our fore-mothers knew that quiltmaking served as an artistic outlet. Let us again be reminded of that.

The program begins Monday, January 17 with a lesson called “Learning to See Again.” For Monday’s meeting, please bring:
  • a 9” x 12” (or larger) sketchpad,
  • a pencil for drawing,
  • your copy of "Fearless Design for Every Quilter" by L. Torrence and J. B. Mills; read the "Laying the Groundwork" section for the meeting,
  • a willingness to relax, experiment, learn and grow.
Rest assured that what is learned through this series of programs will be applied to whatever style of quilting is your personal preference. Be prepared to check self consciousness at the door and surprise yourself! Come ready to experiment, play and learn.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Scarf Craft for January

As a result of our gift exchange at the December Dinner, Ginny garnered a gorgeous scarf from Sherry.  On closer inspection, we realized the scarf was simply made of 13 strands of a variety of yarn types and colors.  "What a great idea!" we all said, "We could make that at the next guild meeting in about 10 minutes!"

And so it came to be.  If you'd like to leave the January Choo Choo Quilt Guild Meeting with a gorgeous scarf, here's what to do:

  • Look for some specialty yarns at places like Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics, or in your own craft closet.  Specialty yarns can be chenille, eyelash yarns, metallic infused yarns, swirled and textured yarns, boucle tweed, fur yarns, and anything that strikes your eye as being pretty in a scarf.
  • Choose a skein of yarn in a blue or green or purple color scheme
  • Cut 13 pieces of yarn that are 86" long

Bring them to the meeting.  We will trade them, then knot them, and go home with a beautiful scarf!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ever Want to Try a Kaleidoscope Quilt?? Here's Your Chance . . .

If you aren't familiar with Paula Nadelstern's creations, take a quick peek, because you probably won't see anything else like it. www.paulanadelstern.com  I bought a book of hers many years ago, thinking I would like to make one, and then realized that my ambition far exceeded my abilities!  But she will be having a workshop nearby, which might give me hope.  Smoky Mountain Quilters of Tennessee, located in Knoxville TN has planned two workshops with Paula Nadelstern Jan 31 - Feb 4, 2011 at the Holiday Inn, Cedar Bluff, just off I 40.  Lunch is included in the class fee.  For more information email rushing@chartertn.net or call 865-681-1466.  

Two Day Workshop --- Jan 31-Feb 1, 2011
                 THE PUZZLE QUILT
                 (Monday & Tuesday)
                    9:30AM- 4:30PM
           Fee $150.00 includes lunch
Free lecture Tuesday at SMQ meeting, 7PM Messiah Lutheran Church
Three Day Workshop Feb 2 - Feb 4, 2011
               (Wed, Thurs, Friday)
                9:30AM  - 4:30PM
         Fee $250.00 includes lunch
Besides the Paula Nadelstern workshop, you also have an opportunity to indulge in the quilting world in nearby Townsend.  The Quilters’ Road Show will be held January 8, 2011 at the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center in Townsend, Tennessee. The event is free. Regular admission price applies to tour the museum and outbuildings. Cades Cove Heritage Tours will host a 1:00 pm guided bus tour of Cades Cove for $10.00 per person. Please call 865-448-0044 to reserve your place for the tour.
This year’s event will feature a bed turning at 3:00 pm by Merikay Waldvogel, a member of the Quilter’s Hall of Fame and a discussion by Mrs. Waldvogel and Becky Harriss on the age, patterns and preservation tips for your quilts. Other featured demonstrations will be Hand Applique by Jane Dunham, Hand Piecing by Cindy Blackberg, Punch Needle by Darlene Bakos and Hand Quilting and Trapunto by Linda Roy.
There will be a display of quilts by the Foothills Quilters. Quilt Photography by Mary Grace Photos will take pictures of your quilts. The price is $11.00 per print; CD $25; prints ready same day; appointments are encouraged; call 727-871-0210 for details.
Everyone is encouraged to bring your sewing kit and help piece quilts for the Ronald McDonald House. For more information, call the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center at (865) 448-0044.