2015 Panel Challenge

The Fabric Panel: a single piece of fabric with a finite design, often with a theme, scene or group of related images that span the width of fabric—selvedge to selvedge. The panel has an obvious repeat. 
"Beyond the Panel"
Choo Choo Quilters 2015 Guild Challenge
This Challenge is the perfect opportunity to get out those fabric panels and do something fun and creative with them! The Challenge rules for 2015 are:

Challenge: Use a pre-printed fabric panel to create a quilt or garment.
Size: At least 36" and no more than 70" on each side.
For garments: an adult vest, jacket, skirt/dress or a child’s 3-piece ensemble.

  • The panel must be cut into a minimum of 4 pieces before it is sewn into your piece. You cannot use the panel “as is.” 
  • At least 75% of the panel must be used on the front side [the public side] of your Challenge. 
  • Add any other fabrics of your choice. Embellish if desired. 
  • The panel image(s) can be recognizable or obscured in your final piece. You will be asked to 
identify the images during the Challenge Reveal Show and Tell
  • Your Challenge must be quilted (hand/machine/both), have the edges bound or finished in 
some manner, and include a label. 
  • A picture of the original panel must accompany your entry. 

Challenges are due at the beginning of the November 18, 2015 guild meeting. 

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