Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why Quilts Matter

Ginny M. is planning on ordering the documentary series by Shelly Zegart, "Why Quilts Matter".  It retails for $39.95 but there is a special guild price if 4 or more are offered---$23.97 or 40% 0ff    

It looks like a quality piece to add to our libraries.  Check out the website for a preview and details on content---

There is also an article about it in the June 2012 issue of The Quilt Life. 

A group purchase will be discussed at the upcoming meeting on Monday, May 21. 

Fabric Envelope Bag

For the May program, Team Julie will be presenting the Envelope Bag

To make one you will need: 

18" square for purse, 18" square for lining, and 18" square for batting.

Before the meeting: finish the edges by stitching around 3 sides, right sides together with batting on wrong side of lining.

Turn right side out and hand sew opening together.  Quilt as you like.

Trim, braid or binding may be used around outside edges if desired.

Bring this to the meeting to learn how to fold and make the little purse like the one pictured below.