Saturday, February 23, 2019

FIRIDIPI One Yard Challenge announced

Sherry instructs guild members on the 2019 Challenge.
What can a group of quilters do with a yard of fabric?

They can fold it, rip it, drop it and pass it.

When it comes back around, it will be in 7 pieces of varying size, color and pattern and will be used to make an entry for the 2019 Choo Choo Guild Challenge.

Under the direction of Sherry Baldwin and Team 4, the requirements for this year's Guild Challenge were divulged at the February guild meeting.

Guild members had a ripping good time preparing a "fabric collection" for their Challenge project.

Guild members rip and exchange batik fabric pieces with their groups.

Here are three fabric collections that resulted from the FIRIDIPI [fold it, rip it, drop it and pass it] exercise:
Seven batiks for the guild Challenge.
Groups of seven exchanged fabrics.
Seven batiks for the guild Challenge.
Each person in the the group received the same fabrics but in different sized pieces.
Seven batiks for the guild Challenge.
Challenge entries are due at the beginning of the November guild meeting.

March Cuddle Quilt Block
Examples of 4 scrappy Summer Camp blocks.
Instructions for the March Cuddle Quilt block were distributed. This block is called Summer Camp and our quilt will be scrappy. This video provides instructions for assembling the block.

Color scheme
For these quilt blocks, use red and white for the HST [half square triangles]; and shades of gray or black for the 2.5" strips.

These red/white HST units should be 4-1/2" [unfinished]. Take note of the orientation of the red triangle before sewing on the strips in a log cabin style. Make sure the gray/black strips are all darker than the HST units.

Bring completed blocks to the March guild meeting. We'll need a bunch of them to make a bed size quilt!

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