Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cuddle Quilt Workshop Worked!

The cuddle quilt workshop, which was held Saturday September 18th for about 3 hours, resulted in the near-completion of 13 cuddle quilts.  Thirteen is alot for three hours and only 6 people, but we had alot of help from our  "kit maker" Veronica.  Deciding to finally raid the stash she had been saving for cuddle quilts, Veronica put together 13 kits, both tops and backing, and  Cristy provided the batting.  All we little quilt workers had to do was pick up a kit and sew the top, then cut the batting and backing, quilt it, and bind it.  None of the 13 quilts were completely finished by the end of 3 hours, but they were all pretty close.  When these are completed, we should be in the range of about 35 completed quilts and much closer to our goal of 51!

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