Sunday, January 27, 2019

Choo Choo Quilters start 2019 with "big" Cuddle Quilt goal

First 2019 bed-size quilt top: Cristy Clark (left) and Veronica Hofman-Ortega
show a bed-size quilt top (72" x 90") that Veronica designed and pieced.
If the amazing, generous and talented Choo Choo Quilters can make over 50 baby and lap size quilts in about 12 months, it's a mere stretch of guild members' quilting know-how to accomplish a goal of several bed quilts for the Chambliss Center for Children group home and its Transitional Living Program. Right???

In 2010, with a plea for larger quilts in the late summer, our guild members pieced and finished 9 bed-size quilts for delivery in December of that same year. Read the blog post here. "It's been a few years since we made our charity quilts to benefit the older children...," said Cuddle Quilt Co-Chair, Ginny Minninger. "Wouldn't it be wonderful to provide them with quilts [again]?"

To respond to this need, our guild will be focusing on making larger bed quilts—approximately 72" x 90" and 80" x 90"—for our community service project this year. Cuddle Quilt Co-Chairs, Sherry Reed and Ginny Minninger, have sourced several easy block patterns and will be providing patterns and "quilty incentives" for participation in and contribution to this endeavor in upcoming meetings.

"Town Square" block. Pattern distributed with permission.
View a tutorial here.
The first block pattern, Town Square, was distributed at the January meeting. Packets of the focus fabric (black squares) and inner (light grey) strips were also given to meeting attendees.

To view an on-line YouTube tutorial for the Town Square block, see this video.

If you'd like to make and contribute a block (or 2, or 5...), here is the requested color placement: use a black fabric for the squares and a light (cream, white, or light grey) for the inner strip. All other fabric strips can be scrappy.

Turn in completed blocks at the February meeting for a chance to win a prize. Or turn in blocks, quilt tops or even finished bed-size quilts and your reward will be the appreciation of a youth at Chambliss.

So, Choo Choo Quilters... are we up for this challenge? Be thinking about our Cuddle Quilt Workshop in July (TBA) and the group basting session which is always so efficient and productive.

If you don't have space to baste a larger quilt top, get the top assembled and take advantage of the group spray basting session! Batting and backing fabrics will be provided by the guild.