2019 Batik Challenge

Fold it. Rip it. Drop it. Pass it. Repeat.
What started as a yard of fabric... ended as a yard of fabric... in 7 different pieces.

Choo Choo Quilters 2019 Guild Challenge.

Using the fabric collection received from the FIRIDIPI (Fold it. Rip it. Drop it. Pass it.) exercise, here are the 2019 Challenge Requirements:
  • You must use all the fabric pieces in the collection from the FIRIDIPI exercise.
  • You may add fabric to this collection to use in your Challenge project.
  • Your Challenge project must be quilted, with the edges finished.
  • Challenge entries are due at the beginning of the November guild meeting.

Your Challenge entry could be a wall hanging, table runner, place mats, etc. Many things are possible. Get creative. 

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