Thursday, February 17, 2011

Laying the groundwork for Inspirational Quilting

With guidance from Lorraine Torrence's book, Fearless Design for Every Quilter, we'll begin discussion on the Principles of Design at the February Choo Choo Quilters guild meeting. At last month's meeting, we tapped into our right brain and began to train our eyes to see and work with line and shape. We'll continue to explore the relationship of these design elements and the Principles of Design as they apply to our quiltmaking.

For Monday's meeting, bring:
:: your sketchbook
:: the Fearless textbook
:: a glue stick

NOTE to new guild members: If your photo is not in the 2010 Choo Choo directory, please bring a favorite quilt to the February 21 guild meeting for a photo.

Just for Fun
Want to see if you are left brain or right brain dominant? Try these creativity quizzes. You might be surprised.

Right vs. Left Quiz 1
Right vs. Left Quiz 2

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