Monday, July 27, 2015

August Meeting - Sudoku Quilts

          Our upcoming meeting on August 17 will be about Sudoku Quilts.  Just like Sudoku puzzles, these quilts involve 9 blocks with 9 squares each, with each block containing 9 colors.  The puzzle part comes into play with the arrangement of those colors - with no repeats in either horizontal or vertical rows.

If you want to have your quilt colors puzzled out like a Sudoku puzzle, you'll need to bring your squares to the meeting.  You can choose the finished size for your quilt based on the size squares you cut.  Pick from the following sizes (which do NOT include a border):

                    For a finished quilt 51" square, cut your squares 5 1/2" each (will finish to 5").

                    For a finished quilt 39" square, cut your squares 4 1/2" each (will finish to 4")

                    For a finished quilt 30" square, cut your squares 3 1/2" each (will finish to 3".

Whichever size you choose to cut, you will need 9 fabrics, and 9 squares of each fabric for a total of 81 squares.  You will also need a contrasting fabric for the sashing (cut 1 1/2" wide).

In addition to the program, you are encouraged to bring your show and tell and any cuddle quilts to donate to the Chambliss Center for Children.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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