Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let's Twist Again!

Using a special template and instructions from the Let's Twist... pinwheels... fun, fast and easy! book by Marsha Bergren, Ginny will show us how to make a snappy 16 1/2" x 43" table runner at the August Choo Choo Quilters meeting. Choose Fall colors or match your own decor. The steps are simple but the outcome is impressive!
Come prepared with:
  • Charm Pack of 22 five-inch squares or assorted scrap squares that vary in color or shade so there will be contrast enough to show off the pinwheel pattern.
  • 1/2 yard of contrasting border/background fabric
  • Scissors, rotary cutter, cutting board
  • An iron and one sewing machine will be available for your use.  Feel free to bring another if you can.
Center Layout:
Lay out squares in 2 rows with 11 squares each. Arrange colors so they complement one another in each direction.
Sew the first row of 11 squares in a strip. Sew the second row of 11 in a strip. Place the two rows together lengthwise, matching seams and sew. Press seams flat in one direction.
You will have a unit of 5" squares, 11 across by 2 down.

Three 3" x 42" (width of fabric) strips of the border/background fabric.
Sew these 3" strips to the center layout (from above), attaching to the long sides first, then the short sides. Press seams toward the border. (The finished unit should be the 22 five-inch square center with a contrasting 3" border strip all around it.)

Your unit is now ready to Do The Twist!

It will be worth the effort to come prepared with these steps completed. The special tessellation template will be available for you to use. It will also be possible to order the book and template at the meeting, if desired.

Also remember to bring in your August Applique Heart Cuddle Quilt blocks and the July Greek Cross Cuddle Quilt blocks, and any completed quilts and quilt tops.

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  1. "Let's Twist agaaaain. Like we did last summer." "Oooooooh, let's twist agaaaain. Twistin' time is here!"