Thursday, July 21, 2011

Piece Curves, Inset Strips, or Just Sew Crazy

Curved piecing example
Inserted strips example

We have all sewn straight lines thousands of times, but how about mixing it up and sewing some curves? The August meeting of the Choo Choo Quilt Guild focused on innovative piecing techniques, which produce beautiful and unusual looking quilts. During the meeting, our experts showed us how to sew a "Gentle Curve" four patch, how to easily insert strips for a funky look, and maybe simplest of all, how to cut 9 layers of fabric at once and sew a Crazy Nine Patch. The Crazy Nine Patch was the basis of a Pointless Wonder program several years ago.

Crazy Nine Patch

All of these techniques are fairly quick, and can be combined with other techniques. For example, using the strip insert method with assembled curved 4 patches creates a really complex looking quilt. Also, using a monochromatic crazy nine patch quilt as a background canvas for applique, or even adding some inserted strips of contrasting colors can really produce a unique, complicated-looking result. There are so many possible combinations using these methods.

There were alot of beautiful things at this month's "Show and Tell". Several people showed off purses and tote bags. There was a beautiful t-shirt quilt, one from all oriental inspired fabrics, and one that was all made from curved pieces. And we found out we have at least one published author in our group (no doubt more to come). Veronica showed us the multi-page article showcasing two garments she designed using Shirbori dying techniques, one with a free-form crocheted collar made from hand spun and hand dyed wool. These are published in the summer issue of Belle Armoire magazine.

A t-shirt quilt with great sentimental value
All oriental fabrics coordinate well with black
home made purse
Curved piecing example
Published author and clothing designer
bag with selvage edges

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