Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dye Workshop Saturday October 1, 2011

DYE WORKSHOP  9:30-2:00
On the heels of last year’s wildy successful dye workshop, you are invited to join hosts Vista Mahan and Karen Sperry for some fulfilling hours of fabric dyeing.  Making quilts is even more fun if you can tell people you hand-dyed the fabric in your quilt!  If you are interested and haven’t yet asked Vista to expect you, please contact her.

If you haven’t done this before, here is what to expect:
The dyes and dye preparation (urea solutions, soda ash dye activator solutions) are costly and there will be 20 or more dye colors to choose from, so a $30 fee for this workshop is requested to cover the materials costs.  Vista and Karen will set up tables in her large garage area which will be used as our workstations, and they will instruct us on the best method for making a desired hand-dyed look, as well as showing off their beautiful hand-dyed cottons and silks.

Here’s what you need to know if you are attending the workshop:
Cost: $30
Time:  9:30-2:00
Bring with you:
  1. Many Gallon Ziploc type baggies, at least one for each fat quarter
  2. Rubber gloves or exam gloves
  3. One or 2 plastic dish pans
  4. Plastic pail
  5. Plastic measuring cups (can’t be used for food later)
  6. Partial roll of paper towels
  7. Small notebook if you want to take notes
  8. Optional: Rubber bands, glass marbles, clothes pins
  9. White 100% cotton fabric, silk or rayon

Cotton, silk, and/or rayon fabric to make 20-28 fat quarters:
    • Bring 7-9 yards of your own fabric.  (Dyes won’t take to synthetics.)
    • YOU MUST WASH YOUR FABRIC IN HOT WATER AND TIDE, CHEER, ETC. before the workshop to remove any sizing or finishing treatment.
    • After washing and drying, cut or tear your fabric into fat quarters, 1/3 yard, ½ yard sections or some combination of each size.
Bring a Sandwich & Drink for Lunch or Pizza can be ordered in Lafayette

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