Monday, September 26, 2011

Surface Design—so many choices!

This program was so good and so detailed, that it can’t be adequately described in words!  We learned the ins-and-outs of applying foil to the surface of fabric, as shown in the photos below.  The technique seemed relatively simple and forgiving once the glue was applied through a stencil and aged.  If the foil doesn’t cover the fabric the first time, then just apply it again, or even better, apply a different colored foil.  

How about metallic paints that give a similar look to foil?  These can be squeegeed through a silk screen which can be found at quilting and sewing expos and online.  Or you may want to apply a bleach product and then apply the paint in order to maintain a true color.  There are so many options.

 Perhaps the most fun is using paintsticks for surface design.  These are typically Shiva Oil Paintsticks, which are about $6 a piece, and there are several tutorials online of how to combine these with quilting (,  You can use the paintsticks with rubbing plates or stencils, or even make your own stencils.  Several books describe the use of these, including Paintsticks on Fabric.  Cristy’s purple jacket and quilt are both made using paintsticks, which apparently are still quite useful after 10 years.

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