Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Examples of Innovative Piecing and Threadwork

As we work towards the finale of our Fearless Design-inspired lesson plan for the year, we are able to go home after each meeting and return with new experiments, new ideas, and new ways to critique our work.  The Threadwork Program started off with a Show & Tell of beautiful examples of innovative piecing techniques learned during the previous program.Threadwork is like doing a pencil drawing and using shading to create depth.   It is the tiny detail that creates interest, as in the photo to the right where an innovative piecing technique using earthy tones of fabric is combined with exquisite surface detail using threadwork and other surface techniques.A classic example of threadwork is the Crazy Quilt, originating in the Victorian era.  Portrait "paintings" made with threadwork are shown in the photos below, as well as landscape "paintings".  Examples of beautiful and unusual yarns couched with thread are evident in the photo of the red quilt, below.


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